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Incense Sticks

We have in stock some beautiful incense sticks. Hand made by Native Americans using natural herbs, spices and fragrances, these incense sticks will help you to cleanse, heal and inspire your journey.

Price $4.90 per pack of twelve sticks.  12 fragrances to chose from.

  • Mother Earth
  • Father Sun
  • Moon – Female Energy
  • Dreams
  • Healing
  • Sacred Space
  • East – Air – Eagle
  • West – Fire – Bear
  • South – Water – Coyote
  • North – Earth – ???
  • Purification
  • Rainforest

Smudging Sage

Beautiful hand rolled White Sage will assist you during your cleansing rites and ceremonies. Dispels negative energy that no longer serves a purpose. Excellent quality.

Price $9.75

Smudging Feathers

Turkey feathers lovingly bound with coloured leather and beads. These feathers add majestic quality to your smudging ceremony. Turkey medicine teaches us about giving of ourselves. Using turkey feathers assists us to give away negativity where it is no longer needed, and helps us to break patterns that keep us from progressing on our Spiritual Path.

Price $ 4.75

  • White
  • Brown