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Summer feels like it’s drawing to a close with much cooler temperatures all around that  quite frankly are gratefully received. I started to feel the suggestion of Fall in the air just this past week. It could be the cooler climate but usually I do feel the energy changes of the seasons. I have spent the summer making preparations for some very exciting new projects. Alongside some writing its also been about connecting with some very special friends here on the South Shore.

This area has been growing on me since my arrival in Nova Scotia with my beloved husband almost 2 years ago. I can feel the energy of this place and have a deep knowledge that a very powerful energy that has been buried for thousands of years is starting to emerge from the depths of our Mother Gaia. This deep feminine energy is emerging in tune with the vibrational frequencies that we are aware are changing all around us. These energies and frequencies are responsible for our increasing awareness as a collective on this planet. We are each here to heal and be healed. Both giving and receiving. We express gratitude and humility for this and wish that all beings shall understand the Truth of our existence.

I have been promising to hold workshops and I am very pleased to now have a venue booked to hold a 4 hour workshop on EFT. Using Tapping you will be guided through some important blocks such as health, wealth and relationships. The workshop is to be held at Harmony Health Centre, 1153 Kings St, Bridgewater on Saturday 31st August from 9am to 1pm. Cost per person $35. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

The workshop is part of my new StressBusters series and I will begin weekly classes very soon too which will cover areas such as breathing practice, EFT , meditation, visualisation. These will be classes for beginners but they will also benefit those that are more experienced.

Please connect with me using the contact form below if you wish to sign up for either the workshop or the classes. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about them too.


Wishing you a blessed day,

Sharon Davina Jones

cell 902 718 6597

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