Create Your Life


If you ever utilised a Vision Board to bring certain things to life then you will be no stranger to what I’m about to share with you.

If you have never even heard of Vision Boards then let me explain.

Most people think of Vision boards as the act of cutting out images and sticking them to a board. But there is in fact much, much more ( like way more!) to it than just slapping a few cutouts onto a board.

Vision boards are about getting clear, focussing your intention.

I’ve used Vision boards many times throughout my life. One of the first ones I created was when I lived in a one bedroom apartment, I was in a low place in my life, downtrodden by others and I was feeling trapped, I couldn’t see a way out or a way to improve my situation. Creating a Vision Board, I focused on all of the positive things that I would like to bring into my life. Included on that Vision board was a long list of things I wanted to manifest into the ideal relationship. Months later I met the man that later became my husband, my life felt like it flipped over on its head and I felt like I was finally ‘with my own herd’ after so many long and lonely years.

A Vision Board is a unique way of getting clear about your hopes, dreams and desires and focussing your intention.

The very act of getting clear is the true key to getting truly spectacular results from your intentions, because when we are clear, when we step outside of our regular day-to-day conditioning we are Creators.

As a Soul Coach and Empath I have unique gifts that enable me truly understand what is required to create your future. Quite often we need to let go of things from the past, release behaviour patterns that serve only to hold us back. My coaching work provides a unique and safe perspective, as well as the skills to help you to work through your own blocks.

©Sharon D Jones ©WhyEvents 2017


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